What Is CornholeFAQ?

Like most cornhole addicts, we belong to a lot of cornhole groups on facebook and other social media networks. If you belong to them, you’ve probably noticed a trend: The same questions keep getting asked. Rather than force people to search through facebook groups or X (formerly Twitter) feeds, we decided to take the most common questions and write our own answers to them!

Who created this?

This site was created by Ryan Jones – however he has help from some un-named contributors. Ryan is a marketing professional who enjoys playing recreational cornhole in his spare time. He’s definitely not a pro, but he doesn’t let that stop him from geeking out about all things cornhole and trying to play as often as he can.

Are you affiliated with any company?

No. While the site may feature ads, we don’t take money directly from any bag company or product to recommend them. If we do place any affiliate links, they will be clearly labeled as such. Any links that we include in answers are there because we genuinely believe they are helpful, and not because we were paid to place them.