Best Way To Clean Bags

What’s the best way to clean cornhole bags?

If you play enough, eventually your cornhole bags will start getting dirty enough to where it affects their play and will need to be washed? One of the most common questions we see is: How do I wash my cornhole bags?

While you can wash your bags in a washing machine, this method will loosen the fabric and break them down quicker – shortening the life of the bag. The same goes for using the dishwasher. If you try either of these methods, low-heat is a MUST.

If the bags are lightly dirty, a damp cloth can sometimes remove a lot of dirt. I’d try this method first.

For dirtier bags, The easiest way to wash them is to just get a bucket with some mild detergent and hand wash the bags. You’ll want to pick a detergent that doesn’t have any fabric softener in it and only use a tiny amount.

A number of companies make special bag-specific washing “sauce” as well.

Most cornhole bag manufacturers have some advice on their websites. The best option is to see what your bag manufacturer recommends and follow that method.

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