Carpet vs Fabric Bags

What’s the difference between carpet bags and fabric bags? 

Carpet bags generally play slower than non-suede fabric bags. The carpet was designed to be stickier. Because of this extra stickiness, it’s easier to perform cut shots, roll shots, and bounce shots with carpet bags. The popularity of roll and cut shots lately has caused many players to choose the carpet bags. (Note: It’s still possible to hit all these shots with any bag, it just requires more precision.)

Carpet bags can be harder to use for players who do not throw a perfectly flat bag – as it can cause them to unintentionally cut or roll.  Carpet bags may also take a bit longer to break in.

There are multiple types of carpet bags: herringbone, hyrbid, and regular carpet. Hybrid carpet (like the viper R) are easier to control and may kick less, while herringbone carpet plays a bit faster and offers a nice middle ground between 100% carpet and hybrid carpet bags.

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