How Do I Break in My Bags?

How Do I Break In Cornhole Bags?

There are a ton of methods out there on the internet for how to break in bags. Hands down the best way is to just throw them – and over time they will naturally break in. Many players don’t have time to play the bags before a tournament, or don’t want to throw new unbroken in bags in a competition though, so there are a few other methods.

Toss Sauce is one popular product that can be used to quickly break in bags overnight. The instructions mention soaking the bags in water with their product added, then soaking them in plain water before a tumble in the dryer with some towels.

A Hot water soak can also be used, but should be avoided on carpet bags.

Many players prefer the vinegar method, where about a half cup of vinegar is added to the soaking water.

Other players prefer soaking their bags in fabric softener.

Lately, several bag companies also offer a break in service for a few extra dollars.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you follow your cornhole bag manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines so as not to void your warranty or worse – ruin the bags.  If possible, opting for the break in service when you order guarantees you’ll get broken in bags with no chance of ruining them.

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