How To Throw A Flat Bag

How Do I Throw A Flat Cornhole Bag?

A flat cornhole bag is the key to success.  When people say a “flat” bag, they mean one that kind of looks like a spinning frisbee when thrown. Spin is the key to throwing flat.

Why do you want a flat bag? Flat bags hit the board consistently and have a predictable path of travel once they do. If the bag is tumbling or uneven in the air, it will bounce, cut, roll, or flop after hitting the board.  A flat bag is key if you want to hit a small window between other bags, or even push another bag into the hole.

Throwing a flat bag can be hard at first, but here are some tips:

  • Hold the bag flat to begin with. There are multiple grips like the butterfly grip which can help, but I still prefer to grab the bag with the thumb on top and 4 fingers on the bottom.
  • Bend your wrist inward to get that flat bag position.
  • The throw is a combination of a bowling and a frisbee throw. Many players start with their fingers pointing toward their body and rotate their arm/wrist until they are pointing straight up at release.
  • Don’t forget to follow though with your hand and fingers pointing to the sky.

If you’re struggling at first, slow down your pitch motion. It’s common for newer players to rush, causing them to release the bag in a weird position.

Here’s a good video from some ACL pros with some more tips that helped me:

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