What is PPR?

What is PPR?

PPR stands for “points per round.” It’s one of the metrics that organizations like the ACL and ACO use to classify players into skill groups. PPR is meant to measure a player’s average score per round in a game of cornhole. To calculate PPR just take your total points scored in a game (without applying cancellation scoring) and divide it by the number of rounds you played.

You can calculate your PPR practicing solo by doing what’s called a deckaround – simply throw 10 rounds (alternating sides but staying in the same lane so you alternate arm slot in the inside and outside) and divide your total points over those 10 rounds by 10.

Example: if you threw 2 bags in the hole and 2 on the board, you would count 8 points (3 each for the hole and 1 each for the board bags) regardless of what your opponent threw.

The ACL uses PPR scores to classify players into tiers:

Pro: PPR > 9
Advanced: PPR > 8.3
Competitive: PPR > 7.3
Intermediate: PPR > 6.4
Novice: PPR < 6.4


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