What is the Butterfly Grip?

What is the Cornhole Butterfly Grip?

The butterfly grip is one of the more common grips in cornhole. It gets its name from how the fingers force the top corners of the bag upward like butterfly wings.

For the butterfly grip, hold the bag in the middle of your palm, with your thumb on the top side and your fingers spread out on the bottom. Your fingers should be slightly curled around the bag, but not so tightly that it restricts your movement. Pull down with your thumb toward your palm to force those corners upward into the butterfly appearance.

The butterfly grip is a popular choice among professional cornhole players. It is a versatile grip that can be used to throw bags of all speeds and types. It is also a relatively easy grip to learn and master.

Here are some of the benefits of using the butterfly grip in cornhole:

  • More control: The butterfly grip allows you to have more control over the bag’s trajectory and landing. This is because you are able to generate more power and spin on your throw with a firm grip.
  • More accuracy: The butterfly grip can help you to achieve more accuracy in your throws. This is because you are able to keep the bag centered in your hand and release it with a smooth, consistent motion.
  • Less fatigue: The butterfly grip is less tiring than some other gripping techniques. This is because you are not having to grip the bag as tightly
  • Flatter Bag: many players say the butterfly grip has helped them achieve a flatter bag throw.

Switching grips can take some practice though, so stick with it. Ultimately, grip comes down a player preference. There’s really no right or wrong way to throw the bag if it works for you.

Cornhole Butterfly Grip
An example of me holding a bag in the butterfly grip

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