What Side Do I Play On?

How do we determine which team plays on which side of the cornhole boards?

Every cornhole player has a preference as to whether or not they throw on their inside or outside lane. (Personally as a righty, I have a left handed partner and we try to BOTH throw on our inside lane!)  As far as which board you play on, it really doesn’t matter – you and your teammate can just pick one.  How do you determine which lane your team throws from though?

In tournaments using scoreholio or the ACL app, the tablet at the board will show you which lane your team throws from.

If there’s no tablets, you can always spin a bag, flip a coin, or rock paper scissor with the other team for the lane – just like you do for who throws first.

Ultimately, you’ll need to get good at both lanes if you want to succeed in a cornhole tournament, so you might as well just practice both and play whatever side you happen to be on.

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