What Skill Level Should I Play?

What Skill Level Should I Play?

You should play whatever skill level you’re comfortable at – just don’t be a sandbagger.

Some good guidelines from the ACL for picking a skill level based on PPR are below:

Cornhole Skill Levels:

Pro players typically have a PPR over 9.0
Advanced players consistently average over 8.3 PPR
Competitive players typically shoot between 7.3 to 8.3
Intermediate players typically shoot between  6.4 to 7.3
Novice or Beginner is anybody below 6.4 PPR

You don’t have to play in your skill division though. If you shoot a 6.5 and want to play competitive, go for it. You may lose some games, but in the end it will only make you a better player (and you’ll get more ACL points too!)

At some point, if your PPR keeps going up, tournament directors may force you to move UP, but it’s rare for somebody to be forced into a lower division.  The only caveat here is when playing swap or blind draws. If the blind draw or switcholio event has multiple skill levels, you should choose the appropriate one for your skill – nobody wants to get stuck with the weak partner.

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